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Does Botox Erase Existing Wrinkles?

Botox is a very popular procedure for both men and women. Over the years, the popularity of botox has increased – it isn’t something only celebrities and wealthy people have done anymore. It’s likely you have met somebody who has had botox, and you may not have known it. When done properly, botox can be undetectable and look very natural – however, this may depend on the client and the look they are going for.

Many people have questions when thinking of getting botox, one of the more burning questions being ‘does it erase existing wrinkles?’. Here, we’re going to look more into botox and discuss what it can and cannot do.

What is Botox?

Botox is a neurotoxin that can be injected into an area to gently smooth out existing wrinkles. It has numerous other purposes too; it can be used in the armpits to help excessive sweating, in the temple area to stop migraines, and it can even be injected into the muscles of the jaw to stop tooth grinding and slim down the area. Put simply, it puts the muscles out of action for anywhere from 2-4 months (this can depend entirely on the client). Wrinkles gently smooth out over time because the muscles are not moving like they used to.

Botox is commonly used to smooth out lines in the forehead and in-between the eyebrows, around the eyes to reduce crows-feet, in the chin to stop dimpling, and even sometimes to lift the brows and create more space between the eyelid and the eyebrow.

Many people get botox confused with filler, but they are very different things. Filler can be used to add volume to the lips, under the eyes to get rid of tear troughs, and in other areas to plump out wrinkles and disguise them. Botox simply stops the muscles from expressing so much. Because of this, it can drastically improve the look of existing fine lines.  

For those who have hyper-expressive faces, or fine lines they want to prevent getting any worse, botox can work well. However, a lot of research should be done beforehand so that you know exactly what to expect and what you’re getting into.

What Botox Can & Can’t Do

Now, let’s talk about what botox can and can’t do. Botox can put your muscles out of action temporarily. This can help to gently smooth out existing wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from forming. Botox can not fill out very deep wrinkles, and will likely not smooth them out completely.

In order to completely eradicate deeper lines, you may want to look into filler, or other facial treatments, such as non surgical facelifts, face lifts, thread lifts, and other treatments available. Doing your due diligence on each treatment and having a consultation beforehand is a must. It’s also very important to visit an experienced medical professional for these treatments, as not everybody who offers them is created equal.

Many professionals recommend topping up botox treatments every few months to prevent new wrinkles from forming. Over time, you will likely need fewer treatments and less botox, while maintaining a smoother, more wrinkle-free appearance.

Make sure you avoid anybody who tells you that botox will completely eradicate existing wrinkles and make promises that are too good to be true. Avoid anybody who is simply an ‘aesthetic practitioner.’ In many areas of the world, these treatments are not regulated, and anybody can perform them. This means that people with beauty therapy degrees, and even those who have attended one-two day courses can administer botox. The results, although they will wear off eventually, can look ghastly.

If the person administering the botox does not have a thorough knowledge of the anatomy, and is not able to expertly tailor the treatment to each individual, the results will not be acceptable. Anything can happen when a non-medic administers botox, and even sometimes when an inexperienced medic administers botox. This is why selecting a practitioner with plenty of experience is imperative. People can end up with droopy brows, lopsided results, and a completely frozen, shiny look that is not at all natural.

Does Botox Erase Existing Wrinkles?

So, put simply: does botox erase existing wrinkles? Yes and no.

This all depends on how deep they are. If you have finer lines and you are looking to avoid creating new ones and making them deeper, they may smooth out so that they are virtually undetectable. However, if your lines are slightly deeper, they will improve, but are unlikely to disappear completely. Very deep lines may improve but will likely still be noticeable. This is why having a consultation and considering all of your options beforehand is vital.

Many professionals recommend those who want to stay line-free get preventative botox at some point in their mid 20s. Of course this can vary from customer to customer; older clients can be very lucky and still have very fine lines, while in rare cases, those in their late teens and early 20s may have deeper lines. This is why it’s important to visit a professional who knows how to treat and advise each client on an individual basis.

You must be aware of what is achievable for you, and stay realistic. Although botox may improve the look and texture of your skin, it is unlikely to change your life. It probably won’t help you to meet the love of your life or land that promotion. If you are hoping that any aesthetic treatment will do this for you, it’s wise to wait until you are in a more stable place emotionally/mentally before going ahead.

Any professional who is worth visiting will be able to see whether you are a good candidate in your consultation and advise you against it if they think you don’t need it. Be very wary of practitioners who don’t ask many questions and are seemingly willing to inject you after just meeting you. You should also be very wary of people who:

  • Offer to come to your house, rather than performing botox in a sterile environment
  • Do not wear gloves or practice good hygiene
  • Don’t offer no obligation consultations
  • Fail to tell you the downsides of botox and similar treatments


Does Botox Hurt?

Generally, botox does not hurt. This is something that can depend on your pain threshold, although it is a very bearable treatment that tends to take minutes to perform. You may notice a slight sting or a pinch, but you are unlikely to notice anything more than that.

It’s worth noting that after your treatment you will likely have bumps and redness around the area it has been administered. Those who have botox for their forehead lines, for example, will often have a bumpy head for an hour or so after treatment.

Other than that, botox is quick, easy, and shouldn’t cause any problems providing you follow the instructions your practitioner has given you.

What To Expect After Botox?

It’s absolutely essential you know what to expect after your botox treatment. Your practitioner should give you aftercare advice tailored to you, so if they don’t for whatever reason, or you would like something clarified, make sure you ask.

The area that has been treated will not be immediately frozen after botox. The final results can often be seen after around 2-3 weeks. After this time, the botox will slowly wear off, although you should enjoy the results for a minimum of 2-3 months. The bumps you see after botox should go down after around an hour, and you shouldn’t experience much bruising, if any.

It’s so important that you avoid touching the area, applying makeup, or any other products immediately after treatment. Ideally, you should wait at least 24 hours. It’s also important to stay upright for as long as you can after the treatment. If you go for a nap, recline in your chair, lie down, or even exercise too intensely, you may experience droopy brow and this will be no fault of your practitioner. Staying upright for at least a few hours and making sure you take it easy in terms of exercise for a few days will ensure the best results.

Are You a Candidate for Botox?

The only way you can know for sure if you’re a candidate for botox is to book in for a consultation and get the opinion of an experienced professional. People with finer lines, and even medium depth lines, may have botox to gently smooth them out and prevent new wrinkles from forming. However, those who have deeper lines that are more noticeable may benefit from filler, or a more targeted treatment. You will be able to freeze the muscles, and although your deep lines may improve slightly, you may not be satisfied with the results. This is why many professionals recommend botox is started around the mid 20s/early 30s, so that preventative measures can be taken.

Before going ahead with botox, make sure you weigh up the pros and cons and ensure your expectations are realistic! You can have your consultation anytime at Promd Health. 

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