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Where Can You Use Kybella?

Has the aging process left you with extra fullness around the chin? Does it seem like your facial features are a little less defined than they once were? It may be time to give Kybella a try. This amazing treatment, offered at ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD, can permanently restore the natural contours of your lower face and revitalize your appearance. You might even be wondering if this slimming treatment works elsewhere on the body.

What Is Kybella?

This FDA-approved injection relies on deoxycholic acid to kill unwanted fat cells, which are then metabolized by the body. Deoxycholic acid is produced naturally in the body to help break down foods that have been consumed, and this treatment relies on a manmade version of the acid. The deoxycholic acid will help your body gradually dispose of fat cells in the treatment zone, and the area around your skin will slim down and take on a more youthful, sleek contour.

Once those fat cells have been destroyed by the acid, they will never be able to accumulate fat again. Most patients need a series of injections that are scheduled at least a month or two apart to completely get rid of unwanted fat around the chin.

Where Can You Use Kybella?

This treatment was developed specifically to tackle submental fullness, which is the extra fullness that sometimes develops under the chin and along the jaw. Submental fullness is the only condition Kybella has received FDA approval for. If you have areas of unwanted fullness on your body outside of the chin area, we may recommend one of the other many services we offer.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

These treatments are brief and non-surgical. The first thing we’ll do during your appointment is map out the injection sites on the skin of your chin and neck, making a light mark in each spot. We’ll then apply a topical numbing cream and administer multiple small injections. You might feel a series of pricks as the injections are administered, but you won’t experience any discomfort.

Most appointments can be completed in under an hour, and patients generally return immediately to their daily schedule. We recommend that patients refrain from massaging the treatment area, and engaging in strenuous exercise, immediately following their appointments.

Is This a Safe Approach?

This treatment is both safe and effective. It is the only injectable submental fullness treatment approved by the FDA.

Am I a Candidate for This treatment?

You’re Struggling With Moderate to Severe Submental Fullness

Sometimes the extra fullness patients experience around the chin is due to loose, sagging skin. Kybella only works on submental fullness, which is the extra fat that can accumulate around the chin as a result of weight gain, the aging process, or genetics. If you’re concerned about fullness along your chin and jawline, we’ll first evaluate your condition, before proceeding with Kybella, to determine if submental fullness is the culprit.

This treatment is ideal for patients who have submental fullness that is considered moderate to severe.

You’re in Good Health

Patients should be in good overall health and should not be pregnant. Your skin along the jaw should also be healthy. If the skin is infected or inflamed on the day of your injections, we may need to reschedule your appointment. The best candidates have skin that is not only healthy but also still elastic. Skin that retains elasticity can more easily adapt to the new contour of the lower face.

Your Problem Is Genetic

There are a lot of reasons why submental fullness develops. Weight gain, aging, lifestyle habits and poor posture can all be factors. For many patients, the problem is genetic and they simply have inherited the family chin. Patients who are genetically predisposed to submental fullness often see the best results from this treatment.

You Are at Least 18 Years of Age

The FDA has approved this treatment for patients 18 years of age or older.

You Can Be Patient

Most patients enjoy a gradual reduction in submental fullness over the course of as many as six treatments. This means you won’t look as though you underwent a cosmetic treatment. Instead, you’ll look as though you’ve been shaping up and taking great care of yourself. During your initial consultation, we’ll be able to offer a more specific recommendation about the number of treatments you’ll need.

You Want To Turn Back the Clock

When it comes to fighting back against signs of aging, lines and wrinkles tend to be a primary focus. But the subtle fullness that can develop around the jaw also ages us. By eliminating that puffiness around the chin, this treatment sculpts and slims down the lower portion of the face, giving patients a more youthful profile.

You’re Ready To Put Your Best Face Forward

This treatment won’t radically change your appearance, but patients are often surprised by just how much their profile improves after these injections. Your lower face will take on sleeker and more defined contours, and you’ll appear more attractive and confident.

Treatment Q&A

Will My Results Be Permanent?

Yes, this treatment permanently destroys fat cells, meaning you won’t have to schedule maintenance appointments or take any other steps after your results have developed.

Does This Work on All Skin Types?

Yes. This treatment is effective on all skin types and tones.

Why Can’t I Schedule My Appointments Back to Back?

Waiting at least four weeks, and sometimes longer, between each appointment gives the deoxycholic acid time to destroy fat cells before your next injections. The waiting period also allows the surface of the skin to recover between injections.

Does Insurance Cover This Treatment?

Because submental fullness is a cosmetic issue and poses no medical threat, these treatments are not usually covered by health insurance. Our practice offers a variety of financing options.

At What Age Should I Seek Out This Treatment?

This treatment is suitable for adult patients of all ages. For many individuals, submental fullness develops with age, and many of the patients who undergo this treatment are middle-aged or older as a result. However, it is not uncommon for young adults in their twenties or thirties to seek out treatment, particularly if they are genetically predisposed to submental fullness and want to get rid of it.

How Does This Compare With Liposuction?

Both liposuction and Kybella can permanently eliminate unwanted fat, but they work in different ways. Liposuction is a surgical treatment that involves anesthesia and a small incision through which fat is suctioned out through a tube. Kybella involves a series of injections and is much less invasive. Many of our patients prefer the convenience of an injectable treatment that doesn’t require them to schedule time off from work.

Does This Work for Men As Well as Women?

Yes. Submental fullness, which can make individuals look older and heavier than they really are, is a concern for both male and female patients. Fortunately, this treatment works well for both genders.

Are There Any Other Ways To Eliminate Submental Fullness?

One of the reasons that submental fullness is so frustrating is because this type of fat resists diet and exercise. That makes it very hard to eliminate submental fullness on your own. Eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and using high-quality skin care products are all steps patients can take to keep their skin and their appearance in great shape. But many find that the most direct and successful way to eradicate submental fullness once and for all is with Kybella.

Can This Treatment Be Combined With Other Services?

This treatment pairs well with other services offered by our practice, including dermal fillers and botulinum toxin injections. During your initial consultation, we will review your health as well as your cosmetic concerns and design a treatment series that will help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Take the First Step Today

If you’re tired of struggling with extra fullness around your chin that is making you look older than you really are, Kybella can help. A series of these injections can get rid of that unwanted fat permanently. And the non-surgical nature of this treatment means you can easily tackle this frustrating condition without any downtime. What are you waiting for? Call ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD, and schedule your initial consultation today!

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