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How Does Facial Rejuvenation Work?

Facial rejuvenation offers a non-surgical way to restore your youthful appearance. The treatment works by targeting damaged skin cells, stimulating the growth of healthy skin, and boosting collagen production to support firm, supple skin. At ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD, we offer a range of rejuvenating treatments, such as injectables, energy-based treatments, and collagen induction therapy.

How Does Facial Rejuvenation Work?

Facial rejuvenation is a personalized treatment program that’s tailored according to your individual needs and anti-aging goals. The treatment works by renewing the surface of your skin to minimize superficial concerns and signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and skin laxity. Your treatment program starts with a consultation with our team, who will carefully assess your skin type, cosmetic concerns, and personal goals.

Our rejuvenating treatments are designed to stimulate your body’s natural healing and regenerative processes, causing healthy skin cells to develop and a more youthful glow to show. If you’re looking for a way to refresh your appearance and minimize the signs of aging, getting personalized rejuvenation treatments at ProMD Health can help you achieve a more youthful appearance without surgery.

What Issues Does It Treat?

If you are dissatisfied with the changes in your skin due to aging or chronic sun exposure, getting facial rejuvenation treatments can help you feel better about your look. The most common concerns that we address include:

  • Mild to moderate wrinkles
  • Dark spots and age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Skin laxity
  • Dry skin
  • Sun damage


When Will You See the Results of the Treatment?

You may need to wait days or weeks before achieving visible results from your facial rejuvenation treatment. The reason why results don’t appear overnight is that your body requires time to produce natural collagen or respond to the treatment by healing naturally. Additionally, dermal fillers and other injectable treatments can take a few days to settle and smooth away your wrinkles.

Generally, the type of treatment you’re getting affects how soon you’ll see your results. The current condition of your skin also matters. For example, if you have a skin problem that needs more than one session to address, then you might need to get multiple treatments spaced a few weeks apart to see significant changes in your skin.

Can You Improve the Results of Your Treatment?

There are many ways to improve the results of your treatment and boost the chances of achieving your ideal results. First, make sure to follow our post-treatment instructions closely. This includes avoiding sun exposure, using only approved skincare products, and following any other specific instructions from our team.

Second, you’ll need to commit to your treatment plan. Some rejuvenating treatments may take several weeks or months to show visible results. By being patient and consistent, you’ll eventually achieve the more youthful, refreshed look you desire.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The longevity of your results may vary according to your skin type, the treatment used, and how you care for your skin after the treatment.

For example, if you choose to get fillers for mild wrinkles, you can expect to achieve smooth and youthful-looking skin for about 18 months. On the other hand, if you choose to get Botox to relax moderate wrinkles, your results will typically last for about four months. Superficial treatments such as chemical peels offer benefits that last for several weeks up to a few months.

Is There Downtime After the Treatment?

If you underwent an intense energy-based rejuvenation treatment like laser resurfacing, you may expect a short healing time after the treatment. You may need to avoid sun exposure and wear sunscreen when outdoors for about one to two weeks after getting the treatment.

However, most rejuvenating treatments don’t require any downtime or healing periods. For example, after getting a HydraFacial or dermal filler injection, you may resume your normal activities right after the treatment. There’s no need to stay at home for days and wait for your skin to heal.

What Is the Best Time To Get Facial Rejuvenation Treatments?

Many men and women choose to get a rejuvenating treatment weeks before a big occasion or event, such as a wedding or graduation. Planning ahead will give your skin enough time to recover, heal, and reveal a more radiant glow, especially if the treatments you need require a short healing time.

However, as soon as you feel the need to refresh your appearance, you may consult with our team to know what treatments are suitable for you.

What Are Your Treatment Options for Facial Rejuvenation?

At ProMD Health, we offer non-surgical, non-invasive rejuvenating treatments to help restore the youthful appearance of your face. Each one is carefully performed by our expert specialists, who always strive to provide you with natural-looking, long-lasting results.

Dermal Fillers

Has your facial skin lost its elasticity and firmness due to aging? If so, you may have volume loss, which is often characterized by the thinning and wrinkling of the skin. Injectables like Juvederm, Restylane, and Bellafill can be used to address this issue.

To rejuvenate skin with volume loss, we inject dermal fillers into specific areas of the face. The treatment helps restore a more plump, supple, and youthful appearance. Dermal fillers can target fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, and hollowness in the cheeks. If you’re targeting volume loss in the mid-to-lower face, dermal fillers can be an excellent choice for you.


Neurotoxin injections, such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, temporarily paralyze facial muscles that are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. If you are targeting lines of expression, such as smile lines, frown lines, and forehead lines, getting neurotoxin injections can refresh your appearance.

Neurotoxin injections can be injected into various areas of the face. We typically use this treatment to smooth away wrinkles in the forehead, around the mouth, and between the brows,

BBL Treatments

Light-based treatments, such as Forever Young BBL, can treat uneven skin tone and texture caused by aging and chronic sun exposure. The treatment works by using broadband light that stimulates your body’s natural capacity to regenerate healthy skin cells and produce more collagen, an essential protein that supports the structure of the skin.

If you are targeting mild to moderate issues such as fine lines and dark spots, BBL treatment can help restore a more youthful glow and tighten your appearance.

Laser Treatments

Energy-based treatments, such as Halo Laser, makes your skin look more youthful and vibrant by rejuvenating and resurfacing your skin at the same time. The treatment works by using laser energy that targets blemishes in the uppermost layer of the skin.

Laser treatments are ideal for correcting issues related to skin tone and texture.


Hydrafacial is a one-of-a-kin facial rejuvenation treatment that uses water and vacuum technology to deeply cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment process begins with cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction of blackheads and whiteheads, followed by hydration using serums or moisturizers. HydraFacials are safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It can minimize issues such as fine lines, dark spots, and mild skin laxity.

HydraFacial treatments are performed using a handheld device that uses suction and water to cleanse, exfoliate, and extract impurities from the skin. The hydration step utilizes serums or moisturizers that are designed to improve the appearance of the skin. We can customize your HydraFacial treatment according to your individual needs and concerns.


Microneedling is a rejuvenating facial treatment that involves a device with multiple small needles to create controlled, shallow channels in the skin. The channels are created by rolling the microneedles over your face at a predetermined depth and spacing. These channels stimulate collagen production and allow for better absorption of topical treatments applied following the procedure.

Microneedling can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. It can also help to improve skin tone and texture. Microneedling may be performed in conjunction with other treatments such as laser therapy, PRP injections, or dermal fillers for even better results.

Achieve a More Youthful Look

Would you like to achieve a more radiant, glowing, wrinkle-free look? When it comes to reversing the signs of aging and rejuvenating your appearance, getting a facelift is no longer your only option. Contact ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD to learn more about our non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. We have a wide variety of options that can address all your anti-aging concerns! Our experts will customize your treatment program to give you exceptional results.

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