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Are you doing everything you can think of to get fit, slimmer, and toned but without seeing the results you want? Are you dieting and exercising the way you’ve been told you should but can’t quite get rid of those last bits of stubborn fat? If you are struggling with stubborn fat, especially around the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen, you are not alone. That’s why many of our patients turn to EmSculpt, a revolutionary new treatment that lets you burn fat without the workout––and it’s available now at ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD.

What Is EmSculpt?

This cutting-edge treatment is extraordinary chiefly because it uses one process to accomplish two major goals: building muscle and shedding fat. Many people want to do both but find that it is very difficult to add muscle (which usually requires a calorie surplus) while also losing fat (which usually requires a calorie deficit).

EmSculpt works by using electromagnetic energy to trigger deep supramaximal contractions in a patient’s muscular system. These contractions are more powerful than what someone can typically accomplish in the gym alone. When these contractions are stimulated, it begins the process of muscle growth that changes a patient’s body composition, getting rid of fat and adding and toning muscle.

Why Get This Treatment?

There are a number of reasons people choose this particular form of treatment. The process can help people reach aesthetic goals that may have remained just out of reach, even with proper diet and exercise. It is particularly effective at sculpting the areas around the buttocks, thighs, and the abdomen and belly.

Because the electromagnetic energy triggers powerful contractions, just a handful of sculpting treatments can be the equivalent of thousands of squats or crunches (but in a fraction of the time). The process produces a noticeable definition, eliminates stubborn fat, and is completely non-invasive.

What Makes This Treatment Different?

One of the things that sets EmSculpt apart is that it targets both fat and muscle. Many “fat-burning” approaches target only the fat itself, but by building muscle we can actually help patients maintain their results for longer after the treatment sessions. Muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat, meaning that a person with high muscle mass and tone will use up more of their calorie intake on muscle tissue, leaving less to be stored as unwanted fat in those trouble spots.

How Does It Work?

When a patient comes to our center for a treatment session, they will be made comfortable and relaxed. The electromagnetic device is then used to target muscle groups in the buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. When this happens, the electromagnetic energy sends a signal to the muscles to contract at a level that is not possible simply through exercise. The muscle begins to rebuild itself to be stronger, shedding the fat in the process.

Is Electromagnetic Energy Safe?

The type of energy used in a sculpting session is known as High Intensity, Focused Electromagnetic Energy (HIFEM). It is completely harmless and does not damage your surrounding tissue or skin. The purpose of the electromagnetic energy is simply to contract the muscles in a way that cannot be duplicated even with heavy lifting sessions, which will shock the muscles into remodeling themselves and growing stronger, and in less time than the process usually requires.

Although everyone’s workouts are different and precise measurements are difficult, it is often estimated that one sculpting session will be the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or squats.

How Does the Process Burn Fat?

When the treatment session is completed, the process of muscle growth begins in reaction to the intense contractions caused by the HIFEM energy. At the same time, the process of lipolysis is triggered. In this case, lipolysis is the destruction of the fat cells that are in the treated area.

There is an enormous advantage that lipolysis has over burning fat from cardio or other traditional exercise methods. When fat is burned for energy, the walls of the fat cells frequently remain in place. This makes it easier to regain fat and harder to shed permanently, leading to the condition of “stubborn fat.” However, when the fat cells are actually destroyed, the body begins to absorb and remove them over a period of several months. This results in the permanent removal of the fat and not simply a temporary emptying of the cell walls.

What Is Treatment Schedule Like?

Different clinics may decide on their own schedules, working with each patient to determine a proper treatment plan. In our case, we recommend four 30-minute treatment sessions over a two-week period, especially when dealing with abdominal fat.

The reason here is that your body needs some time to rest and recover after a treatment session. Like a heavy workout at the gym, the muscles need time to respond and grow before they undergo another session. But we also don’t want to wait too long or the muscles will not receive enough incentive to make serious changes.

How Quickly Do Patients See Results?

Most people feel some difference after their very first session. These results are even more pronounced over the course of two weeks as the muscles become stronger. With regard to the process of melting the fat, this takes a little while longer. Lipolysis takes several weeks or even months to complete. Two to four weeks after your last session, the results of fat burning will become more visibly apparent and continue to improve for three months. Many patients return for maintenance treatments at three-month or six-month intervals.

Is This FDA Approved?

The technology is FDA approved and has been for some time. Recently, the manufacturer behind this technology also added extra options that are more targeted and geared toward sculpting the arms and legs.

Who Is a Candidate?

Ideal candidates for this treatment are people who have been working out and have been unable to achieve their desired results. Although it burns fat, it is not primarily meant for large-scale weight loss. It is most effective at targeted fat loss and improving muscle tone, and the best results will be achieved by people who are close to their ideal weight.

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Are you ready to shed that stubborn fat once and for all? You can get rid of it permanently with EmSculpt. Book your personal consultation and contact ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD today!

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