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Does Dysport Work Immediately?

The increasing popularity of Dysport over the past decade isn’t surprising, considering how effective it can be in treating fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to being minimally invasive, it’s one of the safest and most versatile anti-aging therapies available, and we offer it here in a comfortable setting at ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD.

Although this treatment can reduce many of the common tell-tale signs of aging, it can sometimes take time to work, depending on different factors. Once it does start working, most patients are pleasantly surprised with the results, which can last quite a long time before you’ll need to return for additional treatments.

How Does This Treatment Work?

Dysport is a muscle-relaxing treatment that can diminish lines and wrinkles while softening skin. It works by blocking acetylcholine, a chemical messenger in the body that’s responsible for muscle contractions. Over time, the muscles begin to contract less, which can smoothen skin that is otherwise rough and wrinkly. It’s known as an anti-aging therapy because this effect often leads to a vibrant, more youthful look.

As you get older, your skin will produce less collagen each year. This treatment is also capable of boosting collagen by stimulating the skin into producing more. This is another way that it revitalizes the skin, as increased collagen levels can help the skin look more supple. As the skin becomes soft again, it can bounce back more easily after muscle contractions, which can also help to keep wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging in check.

Does Dysport Work Immediately?

It normally takes about two weeks for Dysport’s full effects to be noticed, though it’s not unusual for it to start working within a few days. You may start to feel the muscles in your face relaxing quickly, but lines and wrinkles will still likely be prominent for at least a week or so. It can take some time for the muscles to relax and the collagen-boosting effects to take place.

Also, when you first visit us, your body is already producing acetylcholine, and levels of this neurotransmitter will be higher if you regularly experience stress or anxiety. This therapy is very effective at stopping the body from producing acetylcholine, but it has little effect on any that is already circulating in the body before treatment. This is another reason why it may take a few weeks for the effects to kick in, especially if you have muscle tension from stress.

How Do Lines and Wrinkles Differ?

Before starting this treatment, it’s important to understand that there are many different types of lines and wrinkles, and not all will respond the same to this medication. These types can differ in the following ways:

Expression Lines

Expression lines are those that quickly appear whenever making facial expressions. Most people have these, regardless of age, though they can become permanent and appear even when you’re not making facial expressions as you get older.

Gravitational Folds

Deep creases in the skin are sometimes the result of a lack of both collagen and elastin, as well as gravity. These creases are therefore known as gravitational folds, and they normally occur as the skin begins to sag with old age and deep crevices form between these areas of sagging skin.

Sleep Lines

Lines that appear on your face after waking up that gradually fade away quickly as you start your day are known as sleep lines. Although these are normally temporary, they can sometimes become permanent in older age as the facial skin doesn’t bounce back as easily due to a lack of collagen.

Dysport is generally not effective at treating sleep lines and gravitational folds. However, it has proven to be extremely effective in treating expression lines, since these are related to muscle contractions and this medication specifically relaxes facial muscles. In any case, you should schedule an appointment with us, regardless of what types of skin issues you have, as we can determine what type of treatment you may need after examining your skin and facial muscles.

What Is a Typical Treatment Session Like?

After a quick consultation and skin exam, we’ll inject the medication into the target areas using a small-gauge needle, and while some muscles may require only one injection, most will require more than one.

The treated areas will be sanitized beforehand, and the injections are not painful. You may feel some brief pinprick sensations, and if you’re highly sensitive to needles, we can always apply a topical numbing cream if you prefer. Each area typically takes less than a minute or so to treat, and the whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes.

How Long Will the Effects Last?

The results of this therapy will normally last around three to four months, at which point you may then notice some of your lines and wrinkles returning. For some people, the effects can last as long as six months, though this is normally seen in those who regularly schedule treatments. After the first year of regular treatments, the muscles and skin can adapt to where the results last longer or less medication is needed.

The muscles can become trained to tense less and the skin can become softer and more responsive as collagen levels are increased. However, many other things can affect how long the effects last, including your metabolism, lifestyle habits, diet, stress levels, and other factors. The results can differ from person to person, though at the minimum, you should expect to enjoy at least three months of full effects.

What Makes Dysport Therapy Safe?

This therapy is considered to be generally safe for multiple reasons. First, it’s minimally invasive, so there’s no cutting tissue, altering your facial structure, or filling in areas beneath the skin. Also, because only tiny microneedles are used, the process doesn’t involve any recovery period. It’s also important to keep in mind that this treatment has a long history in clinical settings, and millions of people around the world have used it for quite some time now.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

The microneedles we use allow us to apply Dysport to different areas of the face with high precision. Here are just some of the many common areas that we regularly treat:

Between the Brows

The area between the eyebrows and near the lower part of the forehead is a commonly treated area where vertical lines known as frown lines often develop.

Near the Eyes

Some of the first areas of the face to be FDA-approved for Dysport treatment were those near the eyes, as this is where crow’s feet are visible, which are horizontal lines that spread out from the outer regions of the eyes.

Across the Forehead

The forehead is one of the most popular areas we treat because most people develop stress lines there, which are the long lines that normally span across the center of the forehead.

On the Nose

The center area of the nose can also be treated if you have bunny lines. These lines often show up when scrunching your face or making certain expressions.

Above the Lips

When pouting or pursing the lips, you may have lipstick lines appear just above your upper lip. These are typically vertical lines that are more common in those who are in their 40s or older.

The Chin Area

The chin can sometimes take on a lumpy or rough look with age, which is a condition known as cobblestone chin. This treatment can sometimes diminish the appearance of this condition and temporarily restore the chin to its original softer-looking appearance.

Around the Mouth

Creases or lines that appear parallel to each other and on both sides of the mouth may be treatable. These are called nasolabial folds, and while this medication may be effective for them in some cases, there are other treatments available that may be more suitable, depending on their size.

Other Areas

There are many different conditions that we’re capable of treating, as Dysport can be quite universal in its applications. If you have another issue that you’re dissatisfied with, we’ll examine it during your consultation to determine if this therapy might be effective or if we need to go with a different treatment.

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With results being noticeable in as little as one week, a strong safety profile, and no downtime, Dysport might be exactly what you’re looking for if you want to revitalize your appearance or slow down the development of lines and wrinkles. To get started with this treatment, contact us at ProMD Health in Baltimore, MD to schedule your initial appointment today.

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