Natural losses in subcutaneous fat and collagen can result in sagging or “laxed” skin, often accompanied by dark “age” spots. These losses lead to flattened cheeks and drooping of the jowl along the jawline. Facial muscles also thicken with age, causing the overlying skin to crease and fold around the eyes, the brow, and the lips. Present in both men and women, these common signs of aging can often make us look older than we feel.


Dr. Gavrila’s philosophy is one founded in neuro-psychology, anthropology and the understanding of the aesthetic structure of the aging individual. Dr. Gavrila always aims to use the least amount of intervention possible to achieve patient satisfaction and his approaches are always the least invasive options available. This conservative approach uses subliminal/subconscious, gender driven theories that will leave you looking more rested, youthful, and more attractive without the feel or look of “having had work done”. 


At ProMD Health, our unique, personal approach to medicine coupled with our cutting-edge, anti-aging treatments provide our patients with unsurpassed care in a relaxing setting. We cater to patients that require the best in personalized medical care, and we strive to ensure that every patient receives the highest quality of care while also achieving the best possible results. Call ProMD Health to schedule your appoint or click the link below.