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Who We Are

ProMD Health is a state of the art medical practice comprised of several locations all specializing in non-surgical treatments and procedures to help patients look younger on the outside and feel younger on the inside.

The ProMD
Health Approach

At ProMD Health, our unique, personal approach to medicine coupled with our cutting-edge anti-aging treatments provide our patients with unsurpassed care in a relaxing setting. We cater to patients that require the best in personalized medical care.

Our Unique Botox Experience

At ProMD Health, we understand that what our patients are really after is results. To us, botoxing wrinkles means a whole lot more than just receiving treatment. It is about the ProMD experience: our highly-trained staff, state of the art offices, cutting-edge techniques and our unique artistic approach are all designed to help YOU achieve your aesthetic goals of Looking & Feeling Younger!


How are we different?

The ProMD Health botox experience offers:

• Luxurious office space
• Highly-trained and qualified staff that can help you fulfill
• your aesthetic vision
• Patient-centered approaches
• A competitive pricing model
• Customized treatments to botox your wrinkles depending • on your individual aesthetic needs


The ProMD Guarantee

We stand behind our goals of wanting our patients to Look and Feel Younger with ProMD Health. As such, we stand behind our work and provide complimentary follow-ups and, in most cases, free touch-ups to give you youthful looking results you will love.

Your aesthetic concerns mean as much to us as they do to you. Our team at ProMD Health is eager to help provide you with a memorable rejuvenating experience to botox away wrinkles, treat fine lines, and address all of your aesthetic concerns.


What is BeautiPHIcation™?​

BeautiPHIcation™ is a non-invasive assessment that utilizes mathematical principles to help define the current proportions of your face mapping. Once your proportions have been established, our team can determine which of our revitalizing treatments may help you realize your true beauty potential.


The BeautiPHIcation™ Process

During the BeautiPHIcation™ process, a tool known as the PHI caliper is used to measure the proportions of numerous aspects of your facial profile including:

Facial contour and angles, Forehead contour, Temporal outlines, Eyebrow shapes, Nasal figure.

Additionally, the PHI device can also determine:

Appropriate mid-facial volume, Lip proportion, Chin dimension, Jawline contour, Volume deficiencies.

Who may be a good candidate_

Who may be a good candidate?

Anyone who is bothered by common signs of aging skin such as inadequate facial volume, wrinkles and more, is a candidate for our BeautiPHIcation™ face mapping assessment. The PHI™ device is non-invasive and can comfortably measure your facial proportions to help us determine how we can help revitalize your beautiful features.

If you are interested in refining your true beauty, schedule your complimentary consultation and ask our team about the BeautiPHIcation™ process!

ProMD Helps

In 2017 ProMD Helps was created to fulfill the Philanthropic and Community Service arm of ProMD Health. ProMD Helps presently supports numerous local and national charities through direct contributions, gifts of services, and staff volunteering.


The ProMD Health Team

The importance of getting to know our patients and understand their needs is paramount to the success of our practice. We also believe that our patients should get to know our team. Here you’ll find out what makes the ProMD Health team so unique!

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